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Steak is in Our Name

Nothing arouses the appetite more than a sizzling, juicy, tender steak….hot, fresh from the broiler, resting on the plate before you, ready to be carved, ready to be eaten… a Pace’s steak.

Our meat is different, and you’ll taste why. We pay a lot of attention to our steaks long before they even get to our kitchen. First, we select only the best shells directly from the butcher market docks in the heart of New York City. We don’t trust anyone else to age them. We do that ourselves, with weeks of rotating under special lights and fans to produce the tastiest, most tender cuts you’ll find this side of the Tunnel. Trust us on that one. 

Our marinated steaks are bathed with a secret brewed sauce and steeped in it for three days, until the unique flavor permeates every bite. Then we prod and poke, until we’re satisfied that the steak we’re serving is a steak you’ll remember.

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325 Smithtown bypass, Hauppauge, NY 11788 / 631-979-7676


Monday to Friday 12pm-10pm (Lunch 12pm-3pm; Dinner 3pm-10pm)

Saturday 4pm-10pm

 Sunday 3pm-10pm

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